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Released: Jan 18, 2008
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Source Code code_cs_9141_pre_release_1.0.2.134
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Source Code code_cs_9141_pre_release_1.0.2.134
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Application inst_cs_9141_pre_release_1.0.2.134
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Release Notes


indeXus.Net SharedCache is a high-performance, distributed caching system. Although application-neutral, it's commonly used to speed up dynamic Web applications by alleviating database load. indeXus.Net SharedCache runs as a distributed windows service on every web and / or application server farm to cache data objects in memory out of process. Your stored objects can be accessed from any of your servers in your farm.

Released Date

  • Januar 18, 2008

Release Number

  • pre_release_1.0.2.134

Pre-Release Documentation available as download or at:

Major Pre-Release Changes:



  • added reference lib. ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib to make first compression tests
  • commented serialization test for DateTime - instead of using BinarySerialization one of the upcomming version
will provide special UTC datetime (this makes the amount of sending data smaller)
  • made several importanted changes within IndexusMessage Protocol and also within the server to handle the messages: (protocol serialization optimization) most important change is that from this version we do not use anymore Binary Serialization for: TimeStamp, Expire and Data (KeyValuePair). Instead of this we use a new Properties (with an empty payload - we measure just the protocol size):
    • Unix Time with this change we decreased object size from: 451 to 303 (size reduction: ~33%)
    • after changeing also string Key, byte[] Payload same object size arrived to: 70 (amazing size reduction: ~85%)
  • Client makes usage of Compression - ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib - this will minimize payload around 25% of its originally size.
  • added first unit test
  • extended Sample Application with comparsion of different objects to measure time


  • DateTime Offset problem fixed an additional problem with the UTC datetime transfers, due previous changes cleaup patterns crashed and transferred only the unix time but not the offset.
  • Destroy auto. datetime cleanup Thread to test this a test client method implemented 700. to see its working correctly you will have to set the ServiceCacheCleanupThreadJob to 30000 on the server app.config and run client and server as console.
  • Extende Configuration option for: ServiceCacheCleanupThreadJob; If config is -1 client is fully responsible to clear cache because objects with expiry date will not be deleted anymore.
  • code from jayrock has been deleted because of implemented RFC - its only support up to year 3000, this prevent the system to use DateTime.MaxValue
  • server handles exploded since some code were deleted by mistake
  • Client Connection Pool for TCPClients implmented client connection pool to save client resources, the amount of concurrent TCPClients are set as default value. Later version maybe will enable some configuration for this value
  • Provider
  • Remove usage of DNS.GetHostEntry() Remove usage of DNS.GetHostEntry()


  • Do not use anymore the COM.CacheU

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