Debugging IndexusSharedCacheStoreProvider / ASP.Net Session Storage

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Jul 31, 2009 at 6:29 PM

Hello –

 First, let me say thanks for what looks to be a great piece of technology. We are looking for a replicated cache store to make our sites highly available via a layer 4 nlb cluster. We have built the 27827 update for sharedcache and are running into a few issues with the ASP.Net session state provider and am looking for a few tips on debugging the issue.

 The behavior we are seeing is this: Running a single site/webapp seems to work great but after configuring two separate sites/webapps to use the sharedcache store, after a few hours of activity all the sites seem to lose all track of the sessions. The cache appears to have data in it, however the pages within our sites continually bounce back to a login screen until they are configured to use the inproc session store default – at which point normal processing resumes (all bit without the out of process benefits of sharedcache). I have had inconsistent success with restarting the sharedcache service process (which isn’t really a long term solution anyway).

 Within the nlog section of the service config, the rules/logger elements are configured with a minLevel=DEBUG, but we seem to be seeing only info level messages in the log files. How would you recommend we configure logging the see where the issue is starting? What would be your recommendations for logging on the client side?

 Thanks again -and in advance

Jun 21, 2010 at 1:06 AM
Did you ever figure out what was causing your issues?