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We have created 3 short video's to demonstrate how easy it is to use indeXus.Net Shared Cache - the video's have been created based on pre_release_2.0.0.140 - pre_release_2.0.0.145


  • Part 1: Download and start Shared Cache Server locally Part1
  • Part 2: Create a new Web Application which makes usage of Shared Cache Part2
  • Part 3: How to use Shared Cache with a custom object Part3

All files have been created with SCREEN2EXE very easy and free tool to create video's.

Download Solution from video

"indeXus.Net Shared Cache" more details about local running server

once "indeXus.Net Shared Cache" started as local console you able to see all operions.

To run it as Console Application you have to set a setting like shown below in the project properties or when you call it from CMD.

MergeSystem.Indexus.WinService.exe /local

As VS 2005 Solution:

Once you started the server your command window will print something like below:



Once you started the Server, and you copied your Object DLL's into its folder you able to run the test solution. The result of it looks like you will see in the following picture:


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