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App.Config settings

to add a *.config file into your AddingData and ReadingData projects you simply use "add new Item" on the project level and then you select:

Applicaiton Configuration File - A file for storing application configuration and settings values


its pretty easy, all you need to add to it is shown below:

<!--Should information be logged-->
<add key="LoggingEnable" value= "1" />

<!--Location of Cache Service-->
<add key="ServiceCacheIpAddress" value= "XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX" />

<!--Location of Cache Service, the port number-->
<add key="ServiceCacheIpPort" value= "48888" />

<!--UDP port number-->
<add key="ServiceCacheUdpPort" value= "48889" />

<!--If the service is running in debug mode-->
<add key="ServiceCacheDebugMode" value= "1" />

<!--Maximum read timeout.-->
<add key="ServiceCacheReadTimeOut" value= "1000" />

Download: app.config.txt

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