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Contribute indeXus.Net Shared Cache

There are tons of ways to contribute to the indeXus.Net Shared Cache project and become a part of the team.

Here are a few ways you can contribute immediately:

#Update or create additional documentation on the indeXus.Net Shared Cache wiki.
#Ask and answer a question on the discussion board.
#Share an idea for a new feature or a better way to do something on the forums.
#Give us some feedback. Tell us what you like and don’t like about indeXus.Net Shared Cache
#Tell your friends about indeXus.Net Shared Cache
#Take a look at the issue tracker and see if you can find a solution to something listed there. Post your research, code or both in the comments so it can be added back into the project.

* Patches will be available soon through CodePlex.

As you get more involved in helping, you might even consider implementing a requested feature.
If you are interested in joining the development team, please start with the items listed above. Once we get comfortable with you and your submissions, we’d be glad to add you to the team of developers.

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