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Released: Dec 25, 2007
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Release Notes

indeXus.Net SharedCache is a high-performance, distributed caching system. Although application-neutral, it's commonly used to speed up dynamic Web applications by alleviating database load. SharedCache runs as a distributed windows service on every web and / or applicatoin server farm to cache data objects in memory out of process. Your stored objects can be accessed from any of your servers in your farm.

Release Date:
  • Dezember 25, 2007
Release Number:
  • Release
Release Documentation available at: Majar Release Changes:
  • New configurations to prevent OutOfMemoryExceptions, there are several Cleanup Strategies available: CACHEITEMPRIORITY, LRU, LFU, TIMEBASED, SIZE, LLF, HYBRID
  • New installation is available: Check under Program Files, Several links and Shortcuts available
  • Protocol changed from objects to byte[] -> amazing performance boost up by 15%
  • Statistics adapted
  • Some new notify options, Service Controller, Network Search
Several new configuration options available for indeXus.Net Shared Cache Server:
  • CacheAmountOfObjects - The maximum size of the objects in the Cache in MB. To make it unlimited, use value -1 which is the default in case of -1 you can receive OutOfMemoryException when the server is not able anymore to receive data. Please consider that on Win32 Server installations there are several limitations available about the size a windows service can reach.
  • CacheAmountFillFactorInPercentage - If the cache received the fillfactor it will start to throw away unused items from the cache suggested is a value between: 85% - 95%, default value is 90%.
.Net Cache Provider is now available
  • .NET 2.0 includes a number of provider-based services for reading, writing, and managing state maintained by applications and by the run-time itself. Developers can write services of their own to augument those provided with the system. And they can make those services provider-based to provide the same degree of flexibility in data storage as the built-in .NET providers. SharedCache offers now a Cache Provider which is used for distributed cache. By distributed caching you enable your web/win application to response much faster then you take off load from your database. Microsoft in general offers some other solutions which are should be considered to use but once you stock with them you have here an alternative for out-of-process caching.
  • SharedCache can be configured in the following way: clientconfig

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