cache may be grater that 2gb?

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Apr 23, 2009 at 8:59 AM
A question which was emailed to me: I have installed shared cache in a 32 bit OS. And when I am trying to store lots of object so that the size of cache may be grater that 2gb. What will happen at this poitn of time. Any idea? I think 32 bit os can store upto 2gb in memory.

You should know there is a 3GB fix available for Windows 32 bit -

In general it works like this: If you configure shared cache like this:

CacheAmountOfObjects="-1" then the system takes as much RAM until you get exception of type MemoryOutOfException. Everytime this stage reaged the system starts automatically to purge Data unitl it gets back to the size of 90% of your actual maximum size. You can configure this also with a config entry:


if you put here 100 in combination with -1 or even more then it takes a default value of 90%. This behaviour should prevent your environment get into resource trouble. If you compile your system with 64 bit the same behaviour happen.